Workshops. Another point of interest at the Conference: the workshops organized on 20th of September, 2013 at the conference location.

1. WS Names:

  1. 1.1 Potential of Eastern European Countries in Key Enabling Technologies, Organizer: Ion Bogdan, TU Iasi, Romania. details
  2. 1.2. MOS-AK Compact Modeling Workshop, Organizer: Wladek Grabinski, MOS-AK Group, Prof. Andrei Vladimirescu, R&D Scientific Coordinator. details
  3. 1.3. Par4CR Workshop on Cognitive Radio, Organizer: Peter Baltus, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands. details
  4. 1.4. FP7 Variability and Reliability Showcase, Organizers: Asen Asenov, U Glasgow, UK & Antonio Rubio, UPC Barcelona, Spain. details
  5. 1.5. i-RISC Workshop on Innovative Reliable Chip Designs from Unreliable Components, Organizers: Valentin Savin, CEA LETI, Grenoble, France & Sorin Cotofana, TU Delft, The Netherlands. details
  6. 1.6. In the Quest for Zero Power: Enabling Smart Autonomous System Applications, Organizer: Adrian Ionescu, EPFL, Switzerland details.
  7. 1.7. SINANO Workshop: “ Nanowires for Logic, Memory and New Functionalities”, Organizer: Francis Balestra, Sinano Institute - Grenoble INP/CNRS details


  1. 1.1 Ion Bogdan, TU Iasi,
  2. 1.2. Wladek Grabinski, MOS-AK Group,
  3. 1.3 Peter Baltus, TU Eindhoven, NL,
  4. 1.4 Antonio Rubio, UPC Barcelona, Spain,
  5. 1.5 Valentin Savin, CEA LETI, Grenoble, France,
  6. 1.6 Adrian Ionescu, EPFL, Switzerland,
  7. 1.7 Francis Balestra, Grenoble INP-Minatec, France,