1.3. Par4CR Workshop on Cognitive Radio,

Organizer: Peter Baltus, TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

By the year 2020, mobile and wireless communications will play a central role in all aspects of European citizen’s lives. Realization of this vision demands a major shift from the current concept of “anywhere - anytime” to a new paradigm of “any network - any device”, with relevant content and context in a secure and trustworthy manner.
As more devices "go wireless" and human wireless networks proliferate at unprecedented speed more bandwidth and better use of the RF spectrum will be required to avoid future “wireless traffic jams”. In this context the realization of cognitive radio (CR) is essential to meet the requirements of future wireless communication infrastructures. Software defined radio (SDR) should be a step on the path towards CR. For these reasons the European Universities and Industrial Companies organized a partnership in order to develop software defined radio architecture toward cognitive radio (Par4CR). This project is funded by EU and organized in the frame of Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP). Par4CR brings together a consortium of seven major European players to perform a joint research programme and exchange knowledge on technologies crucial for the development of software defined radio and cognitive radio. The seven partners are from industry: NXP Semiconductors, France; IMST GmbH, Germany; Catena Holding, the Netherlands and Sweden, and from academia:
Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands; ESIEE, France; TNO, the Netherlands and Institute of Electron Technology, ITE, Poland.
In the workshop final results from the Par4CR project will be presented together with views on the subject from leaders in this field. The workshop will present the last scientific results from the Par4CR project on different subjects related to the Cognitive Transceivers Technologies, including signal conversion, digital signal processing technologies, RF front-end and antenna design.
Please be invited to join the workshop and actively participate in the discussions.