Papers presented at the conference will be considered for the Best Paper Award and for the Best "Young Scientist" Paper Award. The selection will be based on the results of the paper selection process and the judgment of the conference participants. The award delivery will take place at ESSDERC 2014.

Best Paper Awards ESSDERC 2012 (Bordeaux). The Best Paper Awards attributed at the previous edition of the Conference have been announced.

“High performance printed N and P-type OTFTs for complementary circuits on plastic substrate”, S. Jacob1, M. Benwadih1, J. Bablet1, I. Chartier1, R. Gwoziecki1, S. Abdinia2, E. Cantatore2, L. Maddiona3, F. Tramontana3, G. Maiellaro4, L. Mariucci5, G. Palmisano6, R. Coppard1,
1 - CEA-LITEN, Grenoble, France;
2 - Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, MSM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands;
3 - STMicroelectronics, Catania, Italy;
4 - University of Catania, DIEEI, Italy now with STMicroelectronics, Catania, Italy,
5 - CNR-IMM, Rome, Italy;
6 - University of Catania, DIEEI, Italy

Best Student Paper Award ESSDERC 2012

“Scaling of Trigate Nanowire (NW) MOSFETs Down to 5 nm Width: 300 K Transition to Single Electron Transistor, Challenges and Opportunities”,
V. Deshpande, S. Barraud, X. Jehl, R. Wacquez, M. Vinet, R. Coquand, B. Roche, B. Voisin, F. Triozon, C. Vizioz, L. Tosti, B. Previtali, P. Perreau, T. Poiroux, M. Sanquer and O. Faynot,
CEA-LETI, Minatec campus and CEA-INAC, 17 rue des Martyrs, F- 38054 Grenoble